Temple students walking on campus on a fall day.

Strategic Priorities

As we look toward our future, Temple is charting the course for how we will continue prioritizing the success of our students, their outcomes and our academic programs; new innovations for discoveries and research; our local, national and global reach; and what we envision for tomorrow and years to come. 

Our Path Forward

We are committed to innovating real impact by prioritizing the following.

Boundless Access

Life-changing opportunities for all students to soar.

Provide a student experience focused on excellence, access and bold engagement—from when they are admitted to their career—that empowers students to thrive holistically in an affordable, inclusive and dynamic metropolitan setting.

Educational Value

Future of learning meets future of work.

Deliver a future-oriented and interdisciplinary curriculum that leads to career readiness, active citizenship, personal growth, leadership and impact.

Thought Leadership

Knowledge creation that transforms the human experience.

Spearhead cutting-edge research, scholarship and creative expression to take on and solve society’s greatest challenges.

Community Engagement

Accelerated commitment to impactful civic and community engagement.

Connect and partner with our local, national and global communities to build bridges and support well-being.

Reputational Excellence

Sharing the story of the hallmarks of Temple excellence.

Elevate Temple University to a world-class reputation that reflects its excellence in education, research and community engagement.